Stop This Crazy Thing (US Promo)


01 Stop This Crazy Thing (Radio Edit)
02 Stop This Crazy Thing (Serious Edit By The Men From M|A|R|R|S)
03 Stop This Crazy Thing (Serious Mix By The Men From M|A|R|R|S)
04 Stop This Crazy Thing (Instrumental)
05 Stop This Crazy Thing (Hedmaster Mix By Adrian Sherwood)
06 Stop This Crazy Thing (Version Excursion)
07 Stop This Crazy Thing (We Like The Music Mix)

INFO > Jonathan More and Matt Black’s early Coldcut output was sample-laden, cut and paste party music. The duo’s 1988 single “Stop This Crazy Thing” features reggae vocalist Junior Reid. And capitalizing on their success with “Pump Up The Volume”, Dave Dorrell and CJ Mackintosh billed themselves as ‘The Men From M|A|R|R|S’ for their remix contributions.

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  1. This is a fantastic dj shelf I have a only single issue .Thanx so much ilove this crazy lovely staff,bring my memories on this time.

  2. Dj shelf herte is Hardfloor dub mix or Mory_Kante-Yeke_Yeke_Hardfloor_Remixes-851262-1-VINYL-1994 link is sound is fantastic you’ see.Now you have this.

  3. Brilliant. Never thought I’d have a chance to hear this. Thanks.

  4. Love this track and have been looking for the US remixes for years! Thank you so very much.

  5. can you PLEASE upload this one again?

  6. hola Dj.
    Por favor re subir este CDM, es muy bueno y me gusta esta canción.

  7. Fred Schaftenaar

    Is it possible to repost some great 12 inches?

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