Call Of The Wild

You may have noticed a lack of regular updates recently. Lest you think I’m lounging around instead of fulfilling your need for free tunes, I assure you that is only partially true :-)

A few longtime readers may be familiar with my devotion to helping wildlife in need of assistance—injured, ill, and/or orphaned animals of any species. The frequency of such incidents increases during spring and summer months, when animals awake from hibernation, seek food, mates, and new shelter, and produce offspring. Consequently, I have answered the call of the wild quite often this month, responding to situations involving songbirds, geese, ducks, hawks, raccoons, and turtles.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to get closer to nature and marvel at many wonderful creatures. In my role as a capture and transport volunteer, I do quite a bit of driving, shuttling animals from their site of discovery to area clinics for treatment. Currently, I am associated with The Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in Chalfont, PA. The center’s staff and volunteers are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated, with great compassion for all the various animals that arrive there. Sadly, while not all of the patients survive, it is far better to humanely euthanize a critically injured animal rather than leaving it to suffer alone in a hazardous environment.

In addition to driving the ‘animal ambulance’, I also participate in the Toad Detour program, in which volunteers assist amphibians in crossing busy roads near a reservoir where they migrate to mate and reproduce (yes, that probably sounds a bit daft).

So while caring for the critters is my first priority, I’ll be back to posting soon. Thanks again for all your kind comments and support.

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  1. man you’re doing great work with animals. don’t run your blog til it’s done. )) every1 will have patience. but keep on cool blog ))

  2. Wow thats really good of you i have much
    admiration for what you are doing.

    Much love and respect

  3. priorities! glad you have yours in the right order. i’m sure you get as much out of helping the helpless, as we do from this blog.

  4. Fried Pickle

    many thanks for your activities in helping animals in need. We missed you here ! Thanks for catching us up on your activities.

  5. i’ve always insisted that you’d write about your activities every once in a while. that very story about the birds
    did stick in my mind. it was very well written, too

  6. if it wasn’t for the sounds of migrating geese or the clapping of duck bils, I might not have wanted to listen to music. Nature has provided us with some nice tunes! Save and protect while I embrace the world of many sounds. :)

  7. keep up the good work mate.

  8. Its good that you are doing something for our nature and environment. Keep at it. Some of us are afraid of animals. We run when we see them. Even domestic animals. I was very happy when I read about your involvment in nature and ask that you keep it up.

    We also welcome you back and hope you are well…

    Maybe as payment for having given us a break you could re-up:

    Primal Scream – Come Together

    …and we’ll forgive you….

    Again, Welcome back Djs Shelf

  9. If it wasn’t the case before this side of your activity was revealed to us, it is most definitely the case now.


  10. eLeMeNOhPeaQ

    Great respect to you! Toad Detour sounds like real-life Frogger!

  11. You guys are great – thanks everyone!

  12. So nice of you to be involved in nature, Chris.
    Where I’m at, it is a concrete jungle, and the closest I have to nature is a man-made park. *ROLLEYES*

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