Real Cool World


01 Real Cool World (Album Edit)
02 Real Cool World (Radio Remix)
03 Real Cool World (Cool Dub Thing #1)
04 Real Cool World (12″ Club Mix)
05 Real Cool World (Cool Dub Overture)
06 Real Cool World (Cool Dub Thing #2)

INFO > Produced by Nile Rodgers and remixed by Satoshi Tomiie, “Real Cool World” was David Bowie’s contribution to the soundtrack of 1992 live action/animated concept film, “Cool World.” The all-electronic compilation, “Songs From The Cool World”, fared far better than the movie, both critically and commercially.

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    • Thanx djshelf i try to send another great staff of David Bowie They Say Jump(remixes by Leftfield and Brothers in Rhythm.This song David dedicated your brother(suicided in Paris jumped from company bulding)

      • Interesting – I was unaware of Bowie’s half-brother, Terry Burns. Thanks Nedzad.

        • Yes djshelf i remember half-brother.Here nobody dont know about this what happened 1993 i,m living in the edge on the world(real world -west world) i have almost full cd singles discography of David Bowie.just let you know

  1. Fried Pickle

    GREAT SONG ! The soundtrack this came off of “Cool World” is a must have for any 90’s music fan. Thanks for the post !

  2. superb bowie single,thanks!!

  3. I forgot all about this. Thank you!

  4. re up would be great thx

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