01 Sexuality
02 Sexuality (Manchester Remix)
03 Sexuality (London Remix)
04 Bad Penny

INFO > Billy Bragg’s 1991 single “Sexuality” was produced by Johnny Marr, who plugged a bit of Electronic into Bragg’s folk rock style. With its witty lyrics, catchy chorus, and upbeat feel, “Sexuality” is a brilliant slice of pop, and the one and only attempt to get Billy out on the dancefloor.

LIVE > Seeing Johnny Marr perform tonight at The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia—looking forward to a mix of Marr’s new solo material, Electronic tunes, Smiths classics, and other stuff.

Posted on April 30, 2013, in Billy Bragg, Electronic. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Love this song, and Billy Bragg. Have fun tonight!

  2. Oh man! I was at that show… flew in from Nashville! Wish I had known… been a loyal follower for quite some time now!

    Here’s my vid of “Bigmouth Strikes Again” from the Troc –

    • Nashville?! Damn – that’s quite a hike! It was a great show though. Yeah, wish I knew you were in town – I ended up going solo because my buddy had to work.

      Great video – thanks for sharing! Someone else recorded the same tune that night, but from the back of the house:

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