Kinetic (1998)


01 Kinetic (Rhythm Masters Melodic Radio Edit)
02 Kinetic (Slacker’s Psychokinetic Mix)
03 Kinetic (Orbital Mix)
04 Kinetic (Hybrid’s Audiopyrotechnix Mix)

INFO > Techno classic “Kinetic” is a one-off single produced by Michael Hazell with Paul Hartnoll, who gave the track an overtly Orbital feel. Originally released in 1992 on R & S Records, “Kinetic” was licensed by Distinct’ive for a 1998 reissue, featuring remixes by Rhythm Masters, Slacker, Hybrid, and Orbital.

HELP > Looking for the 1993 UK single and the two Dutch singles from 1999 and 2000. Please feel free to share the wealth if you have any of those. Thanks.

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  1. I have the 1993 single somewhere – I will dig it out but it may take a while as most of my CD’s are in storage! And it’s been remixed again:

  2. I have the Frank De Wulf 12″ Remix and the Cubik 22 Remix if you would like them

  3. Track List 1 Track List 2 Track List 3 Track List 4 Track List 5 Kinetic1. Kinetic (cubic 22 Remix)2. Kinetic (smythotts Mix)3. Kinetic (morley’s Apollo Mix)4. Kinetic (orbital Mix)5. Kinetic (frank De Wulf Remix) Track lists are from a 3rd party source. Items below can and will differ.

  4. nice rework by kraak & smaak..

  5. Djshelf i give you this Golden Girls – Kinetic (RS 93007 CD)from 1993 and Golden Girls – Kinetic ’99 (DISNCD 59) wait half hours i have this cds from 1998 that you posted

  6. For now give u this Golden Girls – Kinetic – R & S Records – RS 92022 – 1992.rar

  7. I HAVE ALL VERSIONS THIS STAFF(atfc mix,dave spoon mix,vinsent de moore ,craak amp smaak remix,hoxton whores prok fitch mix tom middleton mix and others).As i promise give you remix singles from 1993 link is: and from 1999 link is: dj shelf i have hybrid dub mix of kinetic people say thanx

    • hybrid dub hybrid dub! I’m very late but I’ve gone through 3 copies of that on vinyl and would LOVE a good CD rip? repost? please!?

  8. Anyone have a decent rip of the full 8 minute remix by Commie?Cheers

  9. Another new remix by Jeremy Olander

  10. slinky-thanks for lone…

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