01 Electrofear (Beastmix)
02 Electrofear (Shemsijo Mix)
03 Electrofear (Dogmix)

INFO > Depending on your fancy, Nation 12 was:

A) An experimental project of Dennis Leigh
B) An extension of Bomb The Bass
C) A precursor to Ramp/Slacker
D) All of the above

Comprising John Foxx, Kurt Rogers, Tim Simenon, Simon Rogers, and the late Shem McCauley, the short-lived Nation 12 released only two singles: “Remember” (1990) and “Electrofear” (1991), both on Rhythm King. However, the collective also recorded an album’s worth of tracks, which finally saw the light of day via Tape Modern in 2005.

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  1. Excellent tune, loved the previous release to this with the awesome ‘Listen to the drummer’ :)

  2. Most would probably remember the track Into The Wonderful that was used in the games Gods by The Bitmap Brothers.

  3. snap , crackle, POP next to my ear ! I am the Fear !
    A+ post
    thanks Shelf

  4. Actually, Tim Simenon was not participating on the “Electrofear” single by Nation 12. That was Foxx/McCauley/Rogers, who also did the duties on the eventually released “Electrofear” album. Tim only collaborated on the earlier “Remember” single. The 2005 “Electrofear” album only ever got released when a fan who had a cassette dub of the material offered it up since the masters for the album as recorded no longer existed. Speaking of Orlando, I bought my copy of “Electrofear” at The Drop Shop there, and finally, years afterward, won an auction from an Orlando DJ on EBay for the long-sought after “Remember” 12 inch.

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