01 Habiba (Bomb The Bass 12″ Remix)
02 Habiba (Bomb The Bass 7″ Remix)
03 Habiba (Version Originale)
04 Habiba (The Bombay Mix)

INFO > Bollywood film composer Alokesh ‘Bappi’ Lahiri helped popularize the use of electronic disco music in Hindi cinema. Lahiri’s work was very influential in his native India and beyond, and has been sampled and covered by many international artists. Remixed by Tim Simenon and Mark Saunders, 1988 single “Habiba” preceded the release of Lahiri’s 1990 album, “Snakedance.”

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  1. thank you for having a great site really apreciated.

  2. Interesting Song. At first listen I was like WHAT! but after a few times around the vaious mixes, I have to say I was jumping around the room. Cool Post Shelf THANKS !

  3. It’s kind of weird…and that exactly why I LOVE IT! Thanks, Shelf. :-)

  4. I Remember this Tim Simenon remix from 88 but you mast have other staff like Khaled,Akasa .Some kids today fist time heard music like this from genie like Tim.Not forget to fhank you and ask you ISP Zippy gonne work.I send you Russ Ballard-Voices and i have Gat Decor italy .Obssesion David Holmes and Stonebrige mixes i have mediafire link but his blocked and send me to aAmazon to buy it(bastards).Vinyl is original from 1998 in 320 143 mb here is link http://www.mediafire.com/?9s3ng2sqoasf7aa
    5 US dollars on month is premium but i don’t have chance to pay in my country no pay pal .You try ilm sorry

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