Din Daa Daa ’91 (US Promo)


01 Din Daa Daa ’91 (Anniversary Edit)
02 Din Daa Daa ’91 (Din Daa Daa’s Doin’ It Edit)
03 Din Daa Daa ’91 (Doin’ It Dub)

INFO > German singer George Kranz scored a major hit with his 1983 debut single, “Trommeltanz”, better known worldwide as “Din Daa Daa.” Kranz revisited the tune in 1991, issuing new versions through Cardiac Records, including mixes by Benji Candelario featuring new vocals by Doug Lazy.

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  1. Top notch! I used to cane the Kevin Aviance remixes in 1997. Great video too. THX MOD!!!

  2. Fantastic, thanks.

  3. Thanks! I’m not sure I have heard the ’91 Mixes, but I do know I have heard the ’96 Mixes (another blog posted those not too long ago).

    The US 12″ Mix of “Pump Up The Volume” by M|A|R|R|S goes into a “Din Daa Daa” sample…I’d often request the two songs back-to-back at the club.

  4. Good post. Ying Yang Twins sampled Din Da Da in the song Shake in 2008 as well.
    A few cool house mixes came out on 12″ vinyl only in Italy on Joe T Vannelli’s Dream Beat sub label in 1997. Never seen them posted anywhere. Discogs link here:

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