Dance With Me (Paul van Dyk Remix)


01 Dance With Me (Paul van Dyk Short Cut)
02 Dance With Me (Paul van Dyk Long Run)
03 Dance With Me (Paul van Dyk Instrumental)

INFO > There’s a bit of Alphaville activity on the ‘Share’ page, so I thought I’d offer a contribution. The German synthpop group’s back catalog was revisited in 2001 by numerous contemporary producers for the compilation “Forever Pop.” There was no finer choice to remix Alphaville’s 1986 single “Dance With Me” than the band’s fellow countryman, Paul van Dyk.

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  1. How cool that I had something you wanted, and then this…something I don’t have and would want. Thank you for this! I am loving the whole Share page idea.

  2. i agree
    thanks for all the posts and great memories.

  3. querido amigo, no se puede descargar, ayuda por favor, parece que el link esta muerto, gracias.

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