Funky Guitar


01 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Inna Milanese Stylee)
02 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Dub Excellence)
03 Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix)
04 Funky Guitar (Sure Shot Deep Mix)
05 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Milanese Instrumental)

INFO > Between 1991 and 1995, the Italian team of Luciano Bericchia, Roberto Biffi, Corrado Foresti, and Marco Frattini produced a single annually under the moniker ‘TC’, followed by the year of release (the quartet also records as FPI Project). Their 1992 release, “Funky Guitar”, was reworked by the most excellent Justin Robertson in his Lionrock guise.

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  1. OMG! It’s fantastic track! One of the main anthems for me!

  2. Thanx dj shelf first time i have to see full maxi single.TC staff is Berry,funky guitar 91 itd i have all of them.Please help me 2wo Third3 – I Want The World i have cdm but not this:07. I Want The World (Planet Earth Mix) 09:19 only you can help for this .I remember this mix has been yesterday.THANK YOU AGAIN

  3. brilliant record, for sure.

  4. thank YOU!

  5. Any 90’s deejay worth his weight in salt should have this track tucked away in a dusty old record box in the garage under a pile of old duvets & dying kids toys…THX MOD!

  6. Dun Dun The Piper's Son

    I think every single one of Justin Robertson’s remixes has those horns in it at that time. Forgot how good this was.

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