Crystal Clear


01 Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet Edit)
02 Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet Mix)
03 Crystal Clear (Prankster Trance Dance)
04 Crystal Clear (Trimar Mix)
05 Crystal Clear (Clear, Like An Unmuddied Lake)
06 Crystal Clear (The Crystal Clear Water Revival)

INFO > “Crystal Clear” was Richard Norris and Dave Ball’s final release for Virgin; the duo signed with Deconstruction afterwards. Justin Robertson’s upbeat dance mixes are balanced by The Orb’s liquid ambiance; however, for me, it’s The Grid’s trance-funk ‘Trimar Mix’ that does the business.

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  1. Chris you are good man (thank you for Sensation)Last night i found all singles of Tears for Feras and found 1991 Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams (CDS)(320) Fluke mixes(unstable mix & shock mix Dave Bascombs).My head is breaking full discography of Erasure now have to download this staff is huge.

  2. first time i heard grid was 1993 texas cowboys,and that one is still my favorite vith swamp thing. grid-evolver for me one of best 90-s albums.

  3. I agree, the Trimar mix by the Orb is classic !
    thanks for the upload

  4. this was a classic release

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