Remember (US CD)


01 Remember (Album Edit)
02 Remember (Mood II Swing Remix)
03 Remember (Sasha’s Remix)
04 Remember (BT Blue Memory Dub)
05 Remember (Paul van Dyk’s Recollected Remix)
06 Remember (Mood II Swing Dub)
07 Remember (Single Mix)
08 Love, Peace And Grease (BT’s Puma Fila Mix)

INFO > A single featuring Brian Transeau, Paul van Dyk, AND Sasha was a wet dream for epic house fans in the 1990s, and the addition of Mood II Swing mixes only sweetened the deal. The US issue of BT’s “Remember” conveniently consolidates most of the material from both UK singles; however, PvD’s ‘Totally Recalled Remix’ was dropped in favor of BT’s remix of “Love, Peace And Grease.”

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  1. password doesn’t work?

  2. How awesome! Thanks for posting this…it’ll be nice to have the mixes in HQ! Such a shame I ended up selling all of my BT singles. But, I am glad I still have ima and _ESCM.

  3. A classic track indeed, I used to segue the single mix into PSB’s “Closer To Heaven” … worked quite well. Thanks for another great post!

  4. Mood II Swing mixes are ridiculously large

  5. OK, so I now remember if it was Sasha’s or PvD’s mix that I liked…it was both. I used the Sasha Remix for Club Mix CDs I made back in the day, and then PvD’s Recollected Remix for the Trance Mix CDs (for highway driving, of course). Thanks again for the post!

  6. Is this the same as the reprise / kinetic release that I have, which contains a load of extras for windows based pc’s ?

    • It is the same version, PG. Although does it really contain a load of extras or just two music videos? I’m asking because I can’t get the data part of the disc to play – after 15 years, there was bound to be some compatibility issues!

  7. Thank you so much for this.

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