01 Petal (English Rose Pruned)
02 Petal (English Rose)
03 Petal (At The Garden Centre With 108 Grand)
04 Petal (Seefeel’s Pollination Warfare)
05 Petal (Deep In The Undergrowth)
06 Petal (Rose Bud Dub)
07 Petal (Stanley Clears The Throakus)

INFO > Dance act Wubble-U were active in the mid-1990s, initially signed to Go! Discs and later Indolent Records. Released in 1994, upbeat and bouncy “Petal” was the group’s debut single, and features the unique vocabulary of comedian Stanley Unwin.

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  1. Just saw the video on YouTube…MUST WATCH!!! Thx MOD!

  2. Hi there, thanks for this post. I don’t have some of those mixes, so it’s great to get them now. I thought i’d share the other mixes I have with whoever’s interested. I love the track Kazum. I believe my links are only good for 30 days :)


  3. I’ve been searching for this full CDS for sometime! Thanks! Thanks to ‘acat’ for the additional linkage!

  4. crikey, it reminds me of being 25 again (I’m an old man now….)

  5. true, true. tell yer what tho, yer blog’s bloody good. cheers for all the effort sir

  6. thank you great post, would you up 2 in a room – wiggle it maxi thanks

  7. if anyone is interested in the Where’s Wubble-U album, let me know. i can upload.

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