Owner Of A Lonely Heart (1991)


01 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Original Version)
02 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Wonderous Mix)
03 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (2 Close To The Edge Mix)
04 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Not Fragile Mix)

INFO > After prog rockers Yes disbanded at the end of 1980, several of the group’s former members teamed up again in 1982. This new project was branded Cinema, and while not intended as a Yes reunion, it ultimately became just that. One-time Yes band member-turned producer Trevor Horn gave the group’s sound a contemporary update, thanks greatly to the Fairlight CMI sampler.

1983 album “90125” (the title was inspired by the Atco Records catalog code) was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, and lead single “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” reached the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. The 12″ single’s ‘Red & Blue Mix’ was engineered by Gary Langan, who would subsequently join Horn in the first incarnation of The Art Of Noise. By no coincidence, the ‘Red & Blue Mix’ reflects the early Art Of Noise sonic blueprint:

For the 1991 reissue of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, the track was radically reworked by Martyn Phillips and 808 State, the latter being an appropriate choice given 808 State’s association with Trevor Horn’s legendary Zang Tumb Tuum label.

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  1. I think I can see where this is going…

  2. Thank you!

  3. Always found the original Red & Blue Mix (and the 9 minute mix of Leave It) somewhat boring since most of song omitted. But I picked up a German 4 CD 80s compilation set that has a very cool Red & Blue Dance Mix with full vocals that also has all kinds of neat Art Of Noise type edits.

    • Now THAT I’d like to hear. Yeah, the Red & Blue Mix is quite dull – I was extremely disappointed when I first heard it. Feel free to shoot me the version with the full vocals. Thanks!

  4. As far as I remember there are 4 edits of the Red & Blue Mix: The original in the 12″ single of 1983. (This is the longer version). The vocal edit that updj1 mentions, an instrumental of that edit and a 7 minute edit of the mix on the 90125 CD remaster. It’s quite dull, but I love the Art Of Noise, so… If only we could get the mixes of the 12″ single of the 91 single… Martyn Phillips did one exclusive to the vinyl single and it’s glorious! Thanx Shelf!!!

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  6. Hi Djshelf can you say me which password i have to use to open the link downloaded? Thanks Claudio

  7. please link esta muerto, gracias.

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