Hand In Hand


01 Hand In Hand (Oakenfold And Osborne Radio Mix)
02 Hand In Hand (Jam El Mar Mix)
03 Hand In Hand (Eddy Fingers Vocal Mix)
04 Hand In Hand (Legend B Mix)
05 Hand In Hand (Oakenfold And Osborne Mix)

INFO > Oakenfold and Osborne recycled their remix arrangement of Opus III’s “Hand In Hand” as the basis for this 1997 cover version.

Posted on February 22, 2013, in Eddy Fingers, Grace, Paul Oakenfold, PERFECTO. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. hello there, thanks for uploading good music, so could you up talk talk – living in another world (remix 91) with next versions:Living In Another World (Mendelsohn Remix) and Living In Another World (Four To The Floor Remix), thank you , so long…

  2. Hey Carla , go get your own site and you can too can upload talk talk good music……so long

  3. ok, thanks for replying djShelf i’ll check that album, go on like this posting the best music, bye bye

  4. it’s a shame that there was only one album. i have this single so i pass….

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