HMV to close UK stores

HMV tried expanding into the US in the 1990s but the venture was never really successful; I regularly frequented the two-story shop on Walnut Street in Philly. Sad to see the chain go.



Music, Film and Games Giant HMV are set to close in the UK and Republic of Ireland following a financial crisis that has lasted over a year. This announcement makes HMV the latest in the ever-increasing line of High Street retailers to go into administration. The news of this casualty has sparked worry for many employees currently working at HMV as reports suggest over 4 thousand jobs will now be at risk.

The stores in the UK and Ireland will remain open for the moment while the business seeks potential buyers. Trading in HMV shares are suspended on the London stock exchange and spokesmen at HMV have suggested they are no longer offering or accepting gift vouchers. The latest High Street tragedy clearly indicates how online retailers have been winning the current battle to gain consumers. The impact of consumers illegally downloading Music and Film online also caused suffering in…

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  1. Having worked there for more than half of my working life, I’m more than gutted. Many of my friends who have worked or are still working there are devastated. I started working there when I was 15 years of age as work experience, I’ve worked their on four separate occasions up til the age of 35 and have always loved the place since being a kid. Music is my passion and always will be. I have many political reasons for why the business has gone the way it’s gone but my opinion is one of many so if you wanna hear them then contact me direct. This is the ned of an era an I will grieve publicly on request….. Too little, too late…..
    Good times aplenty…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Sorry – sounds like your time at HMV was very positive. As much as I appreciate the convenience and competitive pricing of online shopping, the web has ruined music shopping, reducing it from an experience to a process. I’m among the guilty, but I miss hanging out in indie shops and chains like Tower, Virgin, and HMV, paging through mags and sifting through racks of CDs in search of that elusive rarity…

  2. I’m not sad for HMV at all, ripped me off for years, unless you wanted something in the charts, prices were extortionate, £25 or more for import singles etc. I’m only sorry for people losing their jobs, but not HMV – they ripped me off for years.

  3. I can’t say that I’m sorry. They’ve been ripping customers off for years, and, besides, took no notice of the internet. It deserves to fold.

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