Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared


01 I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix)
02 I’m Not Scared
03 J’ai Pas Peur
04 I’m Not Scared (‘Little’ Louie Vega Club Mix)

INFO > In 1983, siblings Jamie and Patsy Kensit formed the nucleus of a new pop band; after a few lineup changes, Eighth Wonder was born. While gigging around London, Patsy Kensit caught the attention of director Julien Temple, who cast her in retro musical “Absolute Beginners.” EW signed a deal with CBS Records in 1985, and debuted with single “Stay With Me.” Finding an initial following in Japan and Italy, the band would expand their success in 1988 with hit single “I’m Not Scared”, written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, who co-produced the track with Phil Harding.

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  1. “take these dogs away from me….ay ay ay ay ay…”
    Great choice! You will see this pretty high on my 1988 list…when I eee-ventually get to that! LOL!
    I actually loved them since their poppy and kitsch debut Stay With Me, shame the extended for that was never on CD.

  2. Not convinced by the Louis Vega mix, but the Disco Mix just awesome. Thanks!!

  3. I was unaware of Eighth Wonder when I heard the PSB version on “Introspective.” And I only knew Patsy Kensit from “Lethal Weapon 2” – thought she was smokin’ hot back then, but then never saw her in anything else. Just read that Kensit was married to Dan Donovan, Jim Kerr, and Liam Gallagher!

  4. reup plinks please

  5. why not? you might as well pull down the site?

  6. can you please upload this one again?

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