Sub Sub – This Time I’m Not Wrong

01 This Time I’m Not Wrong (Edit)
02 This Time I’m Not Wrong
03 Heads Will Roll (Instrumental Demo)
04 Fire Suite

FACT > Factory director and New Order manager Rob Gretton set up dance imprint Robs Records in 1990. The Robs artist roster included former Factory act A Certain Ratio, Beat Club, Strange Brew, Gold Coast, Red Seal, and Sub Sub. The latter produced a handful of house hits in the early-90s, including UK Top 10 tune “Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use).” However, Sub Sub quickly lost favor in clubland, and switched their style to indie rock. Featuring Bernard Sumner on vocals, “This Time I’m Not Wrong” (CD ROB 53) would be a pivotal turning point in the band’s evolution into Doves. The single was the last product issued by Robs Records; subsequent early EPs by Doves were released through Robs sublabel Casino.

Robs Records, along with associated labels Manchester Records and Pleasure Music, ceased operations following Rob Gretton’s passing on 15 May 1999.

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  1. Another ace post, could easily be a “lost” Electronic single

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