Various Artists – The Factory Story (1978-1992)


Part One: Too Young To Know, Too Wild To Care…


Part Two: Different Colours, Different Shades…

FACT > As a companion to the Factory Too label, Factory Once was established by Tony Wilson and London Records to reissue some of the former Factory’s finest moments. Once released expanded versions of The Durutti Column’s back catalog of albums, a Happy Mondays compilation, and this two-volume retrospective—somewhat of a poor man’s “Palatine.” As evidence of FCL’s neglect for its original master recordings, a couple of the tracks on these discs are sourced from vinyl. Thankfully, nearly all of this material has since been properly remastered and reissued, most notably by James Nice via LTM Records. The one interesting exception unavailable elsewhere is Karl Denver’s 1989 single, “Wimoweh”, produced by Graeme Park and Mike Pickering.

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  1. most of your links are dead; anyway your blog is very interesting.

    • Thanks. Yes, sorry, but all the DL links were deleted by Zippyshare earlier in the month. Fourth time this has happened – quite tired of it. Still, can’t really complain, can I?

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