Various Artists – Discotheque Volume 1: The Haçienda

01 ImpLOG – Holland Tunnel Dive
02 Heaven 17 – (We Don’t Need This) Facist Groove Thang
03 The Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait (Dub Mix)
04 Yazoo – Situation (US Remix)
05 Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk (Instrumental Version)
06 New Order – The Beach
07 Cybotron – Clear
08 West Street Mob – Break Dance (Electric Boogie)
09 Grandmaster & Melle Mel – Whites Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)
10 Mantronix – Bassline (Club Mix)
11 Kid ‘N’ Play – 2 Hype (House Instrumental)
12 Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – Get On The Dancefloor (Remix)

01 Bam Bam – Give It To Me (Original Mix)
02 Mayday – Nude Photo ’88 (Ultimate Mix)
03 A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
04 FPI Project – Rich In Paradise
05 808 State – Pacific State
06 Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (Latin Dream Mix)
07 28th Street Crew – I Need A Rhythm (Club Mix)
08 De Lite featuring Osca Child – Wild Times (Mayday Mix)
09 Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (Classic Mix)
10 Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Paperback Vocal)
11 De’Lacy – Hideaway (Deep Dish Mix)

FACT > Situationist slogan “The Hacienda Must Be Built” inspired the name of Factory’s famed nightclub, The Haçienda (FAC 51), which opened on 21 May 1982. The venue was masterminded by Factory director and New Order manager Rob Gretton, who bankrolled the project with his band’s profits. A financial failure for several years, the club finally found a larger audience with the advent of acid house and ‘Madchester’ in the late-1980s. Unfortunately, success was accompanied by persistent gang violence and other drug-related incidents which, along with financial difficulties, lead to the club’s closing on 28 June 1997.

This DJ-friendly, unmixed compilation collects Haçienda classics from across the club’s 15 years of operation.

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  1. oh, i get this))) carthago delenda est – is kind of popular here, meaning that putin’s regime must be destroyed!

    thank you for this compilation

  2. Thank you for this one! I have the import 3 disc set ‘The Hacienda Classics’. This will be a nice addition to that file.

    • “The Hacienda Classics” is a great compilation – also check out the newly-released “Hacienda 30” mixed by Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, and Pete Hook. There will never be another Hacienda.

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