Factory Showroom

2012 sees two significant anniversaries connected to legendary independent label, Factory Records:

» 30 years since live venue and nightclub The Haçienda opened in Manchester
» 20 years since Factory ceased operation and went into receivership

In observance of these milestones, MoD will be featuring Factory related material throughout November.

For all the Joy Division and New Order you could ever ask for, visit these fine blogs:

Recycle (New Order/Joy Division)
The New Order Archives
Joy Division Bootlegs

And these sites are excellent Factory reference sources:

A Factory Discography
The Factory Records Catalog
Cerysmatic Factory
The Crepuscule and Factory Pages
World In Motion

James Nice at LTM Recordings has been preserving Factory’s musical legacy for over 20 years—he’s issued more of FCL’s recordings on CD than the label did when still in business! Please support James’ efforts with a purchase or two :-)

Strut Records has two excellent Factory Records compilations available: Fac. Dance and Fac. Dance 2. Both volumes gather 12″ mixes and rarities released by the label between 1980 and 1987. Strut also offers a free sampler of tunes from various releases.

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  1. Factory was a massive part of my youth. First gig I ever went to was New Order. The film and book of 24hour Party People are both brilliant, and I even used to watch Tony Wilson on “The Other Side of Midnight”. Peter Hook’s book about The Hacienda sums the whole Factory buffoonery up quite nicely! Great label.

    • Been a huge fan of JD, NO, ACR, S25, and The Mondays since college, but I’ve been really obsessed with all things Factory since the film “24 Hour Party People” came out 10 years ago. Been meaning to get Hooky’s book – have to order that. Thanks!

  2. Excellent! I look forward to your postings!

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