Erasure – Blue Savannah

“Blue Savannah”
1990 Sire Records (US)
9 21428-2

01. Blue Savannah (Single Version)
02. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix I)
03. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix II)
04. Runaround On The Underground
05. Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders Remix)
06. Supernature (William Orbit Mix)
07. No G.D.M. (Zeus B. Held Unfinished Mix)
08. Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders Edit)*

*Bonus track

INFO > “Blue Savannah” was the third single from Erasure’s “Wild!” album. The US CD maxi-single includes remixes by Mark Saunders and Fischerman’s Friend.

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  1. “Runaround On The Underground” is the remix here. original version is 3:25 long :-)

  2. Any chance of posting this as a wave file, well at least for “Out Of The Blue Mix & Dub)? :)

  3. Thanks!!!

  4. actually had a chance to see Erasure in concert back in atlanta many years ago. In concert they did the
    02. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix I). Was excellent
    great post thanks

  5. Permission Denied. Impossible to get it :(
    i appreciated last track only ’08. Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders Edit)*’.. is it possible to get somewhere?

  6. essa é sem dúvida uma das melhores bandas.

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