Pet Shop Boys – Production

Production (cover)

When Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe lend their songwriting, vocal, and studio skills to other artists, the results are absolutely fabulous. This comprehensive retrospective presents 20 years of the duo’s collaborative endeavors and remix work.

Credit the artwork to an extremely talented graphic artist: Harry3. His brilliant design cleverly pays homage to PSB and the visual style of Mark Farrow. Bravo, Harry!

Production (back)


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  1. even though you told me i didn’t expect artwork to be THIS great! thank you guys!

    the idea/compilation is just great, the artwork is great as well – but i just thought, chris, you better be prepared to be asked to remove this. i sure don’t want it to happen.
    also, do you guys (you and harry) give permission to re-post this on music forums/boards? anyway, it will be reposted)))))))) permission is just for clear conscience :-)

    • Thanks Andrei :-) This is what “Disco 4” should have been. And yes, please re-post and share with others. Also, I’m going to be optimistic and hope that it flies under the radar.

  2. Thank you, great compilation!!

  3. LOVE the! Great idea for a compilation, too. I did one a few years ago, with a slightly different track list. Thank you for posting yours!

  4. from one Pet Head to another. What a GREAT compilation. I will be listening to this for years to come. I agree that yes this is what Disco 4 should have been. THANKS YOU SO MUCH ! you truly are ” aB fAB”

    A+ post

  5. Thanks SHELF
    ” I Love This Freakin Site”

  6. Trance Master 303

    This is such a stunning compilation. I am surprised that labels never come up with this. There are so many artists (like Prince, Phil Collins, Vince Clarke, etc.) who write killer music for other artists. It would only make sense to take advantage of the name recognition and release these comps!

    Hope you do more of these!

    thank you

  7. Huge, huge thanks for reposting this. A magnificent collection, put together superbly.

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