Umboza – Cry India

“Cry India”
1995 Positiva Records (UK)

01. Cry India (Radio Edit)
02. Cry India (Tocayo’s Vital Organ Mix)
03. Cry India (Tall Paul Remix)
04. Cry India (Divine’s Full Blown Dub)
05. Cry India (The Ark Anthem Mix)
06. Cry India (Tall Paul Dub)

INFO > Produced by Stuart Crichton and Michael Kilkie, this Lionel Richie-sampling chart hit is crap, but I love Tall Paul’s mix.

Cry India

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  1. aahh from my home city of glasgow, a 23rd precinct special, i remember they originaly called theselves mboza richie and when pete tong said it on the essential mix show they were pissing themsleves laughing…..say it quickly!

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