Various Artists – 4AD

Last week’s mesmerizing performance by Dead Can Dance at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center rekindled my interest in the 4AD label.

Various Artists
1998 4AD/Uncut Magazine (UK)

01. Pixies – Debaser
02. Lush – Hypocrite
03. Mojave 3 – Go Lady Go
04. Tanya Donelly – Lantern
05. His Name Is Alive – Wishing Ring
06. Throwing Muses – Mania
07. This Mortal Coil – You And Your Sister
08. Thievery Corporation – Shaolin Satellite
09. Gus Gus – Barry
10. Cuba – Urban Light
11. Colourbox – The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme
12. The Breeders – Saints
13. The Birthday Party – Big Jesus Trash Can
14. Lisa Germano – Tomorrowing
15. Red House Painters – New Jersey
16. Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost
17. Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming
18. The Hope Blister – Sweet Unknown
19. Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dewdrops Drop

INFO > The illustrious independent imprint 4AD was founded by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent in 1980 as a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet. The label has a penchant for promotional compilations; this collection accompanied the Nov 1998 issue of Uncut. Oddly, despite compiling numerous such promos, 4AD has never issued an official comprehensive label retrospective.


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  1. thank you.
    there’s a few rare tracks on here.

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