Various Artists – Tribal UK Chronology

Various Artists
“Tribal UK Chronology”
1998 Pagan Records (UK)

1.01. The Daou – Give Myself To You (Grand Ballroom Mix)
1.02. Junior Vasquez – Get Your Hands Off My Man
1.03. K-Scope – The Theme
1.04. Underground Sound Of Lisbon – So Get Up (Original Mix)
1.05. Prana – The Dream (BT’s Original Version)
1.06. Elastic Reality – Cassa De X (Deep Dish Does X)
1.07. Danny Tenaglia – Bottom Heavy (Tenaglia Mix)
1.08. Danny Tenaglia – Look Ahead (Hard & Soul Mix)

2.01. Atom – Love To Heart
2.02. Salt City Orchestra – Storm (Hard Times Club Mix)
2.03. Liberty City – That’s What I Got (Murk Vocal)
2.04. The Absolute – There Will Come A Day (Epic Gospel House)
2.05. e-N – The Horn Ride (Ian’s Original Mix)
2.06. Ride Committe – Accident (Todd Edwards Dub)
2.07. NYDC – Up In This House
2.08. K-Scope – Planet K
2.09. T.N.T. – Dancin’ (Beyond The Velvet Ropes Mix)

INFO > Between 1993 and 1996, the UK arm of Tribal Records released some of the finest deep house music from the US and beyond. Per the liner notes:

This album tells the story of Tribal United Kingdom Records.
From the paradise that we call Portugal to the underground sleaze of New York City: from the first to the last: from The Daou to T.N.T.: then it all went tits up. What can you do, eh?

Keep the underground alive.

Tribal UK Chronology (CD 1)
Tribal UK Chronology (CD 2)

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  1. this looks good.
    Thanks for this, and all the others you post. awesome job !

  2. Any true House-Head would certainly consider Tribal to be in their Top 3 labels of all time. I definately have most of these releases on 12”. Remember the days when you could put on a track, go to the toilet AND grab a drink from the bar! Thx

  3. many thx !

  4. Holy cow Batman! I’ve been listening to this all day, quite possibly Method’s best post yet! Tracks de force…K-Scope, Elastic Reality, Prana, TNT, USOL, & Danny T. Right, I’m off to paint my face & put on a grass skirt.

  5. One of the outstanding labels of the 90s with a constant stream of different, but equally as top notch, releases. This sort of consistency is almost non-existent in labels these days. The A&R of Tribal put some of the luminaries of modern dance on the map or at least gave them a big push.

  6. once again,
    very nice compilation from the past,
    huhh, love it :)

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