Various Artists – And Away They Go…

Various Artists
“And Away They Go…”
1993 Finiflex Records (UK)

01. Robin Reliant – 3-Wheel Crash (The Unstable Mix)
02. Scientists Of Sound – Chug-A-Bug (The Short Cut)
03. Peter Perfect – Pitstop (The Prankster’s Wacky Race)
04. The Pitstop Boys – Chug-A-Bug (The Rough Cut)
05. Phunky Torso – You and I (7″ No Vocal Edit)
06. Finiflex – I Want More (I Want Less Mixegg)
07. Mr. Williams – Camp Frolic Hustle (The Shandwick Hand Mix)
08. Peter Perfect – Pitstop (The Prankster Saves Penelope Edit)
09. Robin Reliant – 128, 129, 130… (The Car-Count Cut)
10. Phunky Torso – Music Power (PLH Mix)
11. Ege Bam Yasi – I Want More (The Malcolm Eggs Mixegg)
12. Scientists Of Sound – Chug-A-Bug (The Through Route)

INFO > Scottish electronic act Finitribe founded the Finiflex imprint in 1984, initially to issue their own material but later distributing works by other artists. After a sporadic release history, the label went silent in 1996.

And Away We Go…

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  1. Loving it! Thank you for posting. I don’t say it enough, but I appreciate all the music you share with us. :-)

  2. On a related note: can anyone tell me what song is being sampled in that 1st track (3-Wheel Crash) starting at about 6:57? It’s driving me batty that I can’t figure it out.

  3. top banana on this one amigo

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