Bassomatic – Fascinating Rhythm (US Promo)

“Fascinating Rhythm”
1991 Virgin Records America (US)
PRCD 3712

01. Fascinating Rhythm (7″ Mix) 04:38
02. Fascinating Rhythm (Lisa Loud Edit) 04:09
03. Fascinating Rhythm (Dakeyne 7″ Edit) 04:11
04. Fascinating Rhythm (Time Tunnel Mix) 06:57

INFO > Bassomatic was a short-lived commercial dance project orchestrated by British producer William Wainwright, better known by his adopted surname, Orbit. Bassomatic’s debut, “In The Realm Of The Senses”, was also the first release for Orbit’s Guerilla Records imprint, although the group experienced more widespread exposure through a deal with Virgin. “Fascinating Rhythm” was Bassomatic’s most successful single; this US promo CD features three digital exclusives: Orbit’s 7″ Mix, and Paul Dakeyne’s edit and ‘Time Tunnel Mix’, created for the DMC remix service.

Fascinating Rhythm (US Promo)

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  1. Thanks for posting this gem. Although i am a fan of Dakeyne’s mixes, i have never heard of this one.
    Is it too much to ask for a WAV or FLAC versions of this CD single?

    Thanks again for your generosity.

  2. Thx MOD! Shall I send you my 2 scratchy 12” vinyl copies?

  3. Love the lush electronic sound of Orbit. Madonna should know better to use more of him for her current album instead of Solveig and Benassi.

  4. Thanks MOD from re-uping Junkster- Slide earlier!

  5. I always loved this release! Thanks for the posting!

  6. Thank you SO SO much for sharing this. After finally finding a copy on cd after searching forever – it arrived, but it was broken in transit, and I’ve never been able to find another copy again. Thank You!

    • A similar incident happened to me earlier this year. Found a rare promo online – the idiot seller mailed only the disc in a plastic sleeve with no other protection, from the UK to the US. It arrived cracked in half. So I feel your pain.

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