When In Rome – The Promise

When In Rome
“The Promise”
1988 10 Records (UK)

01. The Promise
02. The Promise (O.N. Mix)
03. The Promise (Coliseum Club Mix)

INFO > Active between 1987 and 1990, British synthpop trio When In Rome comprised Clive Farrington, Andrew Mann, and Michael Floreale. A one hit wonder, the group is best remembered for their debut single, “The Promise.”

Trivia > The ‘O.N. Mix’ refers to Oliver North, a U.S. Marine at the center of the Iran-Contra affair controversy of the late-1980s. The track was titled ‘The Ollie North Mix’ on the single’s initial 1987 release; however, the acronym was used for subsequent issues.

The Promise
pw: djshelf 

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  1. Vice City-style epic-ness.. thanks for sharing

  2. A firm favourite till this day, and the album is just as awesome.
    gr8t post, Chris!

  3. Great track. Check out the Tony Moran version on my blog, which is even better IMHO. Keep up the good work, best regards, PCC

  4. Pure Club Classics always wants us to check out the posts they have on the site but never responds back to to new members email requets for passwords to their community. That OK , we have this site instead.
    This site rocks and the tunes are great ! keep up the good work, we love ya

  5. please could you re-up, link is down, thanks great site

  6. thanks, but the link doesn´t work it says Permission Denied , maybe you could check it again , thanks again guys a happy new year

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