Electronic – Getting Away With It

“Getting Away With It”
1990 Warner Bros. Records (US)
9 21498-2

01. Getting Away With It
02. Getting Away With It (Extended Version)
03. Getting Away With It (Instrumental)
04. Lucky Bag
05. Getting Away With It (Nude Mix)
06. Getting Away With It (Vocal Remix)
07. Lucky Bag (Miami Edit)

FACT > Bernard Sumner. Johnny Marr. Neil Tennant. Anne Dudley. David Palmer. Graeme Park. Mike Pickering. Peter Saville. Factory. Electronic. Brilliant.

Getting Away With It
pw: djshelf 

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  1. excellent post ! Thanks

  2. this is the american copy I believe? I have this and the uk one, I was such a nerdy collector when I was a teenager!

    • You are correct, sir. US CD maxi-singles tended to be great value for money during their height of popularity in the early-to-mid 1990s. Unlike the UK, there have never been rules governing release length to qualify for chart placement in the US. So CD singles were often filled with remixes and B-sides, including material unavailable on corresponding CD releases in other territories. On the downside, the mastering on most US CDs has been over-compressed since that period, giving rise to the dreaded ‘Loudness Wars.’

  3. please re-post

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