New Order vs. Pet Shop Boys

At some point, someone’s probably asked, “Who’s your favorite band?” For some, the response might be immediate; but for any serious music aficionado, I suspect the decision might require some deliberation.

I’ve narrowed mine down to two highly respected musical acts: New Order and Pet Shop Boys. For a long time, the Mancunian legends claimed the top spot; but after New Order fell apart, the Boys gained traction. I tend to waver between them based on mood and what each act is currently doing.

It’s not apples to apples comparing the two, but here are a few assets that each group respectively has in its favor:

New Order

  • Prior history as Joy Division
  • Association with Factory Records
  • They built The Hacienda
  • “Blue Monday”
  • Production work for other artists
  • Entertaining side projects (Electronic, Revenge, The Other Two, Monaco, Bad Lieutenant)
  • Their ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude
  • Designer: Peter Saville

Pet Shop Boys

  • Remarkably consistent quality of song writing and releases
  • B-sides better than most bands’ A-sides
  • Work with other artists: collaborations, songwriting, production, and remixes
  • Innovative concert performances
  • Creative endeavors in film, theatre, and dance
  • Sharp image and style
  • Highly attentive to fans (‘Petheads’)
  • Designer: Mark Farrow

So, who do like better? Please cast your vote.

And need I ask… who’s your favorite musical artist?

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  1. A fan of New Order, but a bigger fan of PSB.
    Look at the work they did for Liza, Dusty, Eighth Wonder, Kylie and Tina…fabulous!

  2. •B-sides better than most bands’ A-sides, I agree !
    Im a hugh PSB b-side FREAK ! Love the work on their B-sides better than on the A sides.

    I saw their last concert and the Box’s on their heads were really annoying though. LOL

    • It is a conscious effort on PSB’s part to write and record decent B-sides. They always felt that consumers have been shortchanged in the singles department during the 7″ and 12″ era, and they deserve an equally brilliant B-side for the $$$ they pay.

  3. •Entertaining side projects (Electronic, Revenge, The Other Two, Monaco, Bad Lieutenant)
    New Order side projects RULE!

    now that would be a great POST Shelf !
    Electronic – Dissapointed

  4. My favourite? David Bowie. But PSB and NO come a close joint second.

  5. PSB the ‘boys from London’ ? London ? No, the north-east and Blackpool !

    • Right you are – should have known that after watching “A Life In Pop.” I was thinking of where Neil and Chris first met (Chelsea). My humblest apologies – I have removed the erroneous reference. Thanks Art.

      • yeah, this can’t be just a simple coincedence. i didn’t know that chelsea was the place they first met. but chelsea is my favourite football team for a long time. and PSB, i love them so much since i was a kid.

        i voted they’re both great, cuz that’s what it is. it’s just that i love PSB a tad more. it was a “deserted island question” – sort of entartaining ourselves – if you’re allowed to take 10 cds, 5 cds, 3 cds and at last, only 1 cds. that’s how i narrowed the case – that one album for me was “popart” by PSB. i know it’s a double-disc compilation, but still that wasn’t the matter))
        and i wasn’t thinking much, i was feeling)))

        you redlined these assets of both – thanks for that))

        • You must have been ecstatic this year with Chelsea winning the FA Cup AND the UEFA Champions League. I was surprised to read how much team owner Roman Abramovich paid for those victories – over two billion U.S. dollars! That’s just insane spending for player acquisition and salaries.

          I’m so glad you mentioned the Desert Island Discs concept – I think the BBC started that years ago. I compiled a list 25 years ago that was published in the old Tower Records Pulse magazine – I’ll have to dig that out and post it on the site, along with an updated selection. I think “PopArt” will be on my new list, as well.

  6. They are both good but my all time fav band is Depeche Mode. followed by Joy Division/New Order, The Cure and The Smiths.

  7. they’re both great. if i had to choose, i guess i’d go with new order because they came from joy division and j.d. is my favorite band. and my favorite electronic music artist would be the orb.

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