Coco – I Need A Miracle

“I Need A Miracle”
1997 Positiva Records (UK)

01. I Need A Miracle (Radio Edit)
02. I Need A Miracle (Victor Imbres 12″ Mix Edit)
03. I Need A Miracle (Matthew Roberts Blue Sky Mix)
04. I Need A Miracle (Qattara Mix)
05. I Need A Miracle (Sol Brothers Dub Plate Vocal)
06. I Need A Miracle (Bar Room Mix)

INFO > Singer Susan Brice got her break in 1992 providing vocals on “One By One” by Sub Love, Jody Wisternoff’s pre-Way Out West hardcore project. Brice later adopted the name Coco and recorded “I Need A Miracle” in 1996; the track was written and produced by Rob Davis and Victor Imbres, and issued on the latter’s Greenlight label. Licensed by Positiva the following year, the single was moderately successful; however, the tune became a massive hit when mashed up with Fragma’s “Toca Me.” The bootleg received an official release in 2000 as “Toca’s Miracle.”

I Need A Miracle
pw: djshelf 

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  1. Fried Pickle

    Great POST !
    04. I Need A Miracle (Qattara Mix) is my Favorite for this post.
    Heard this alot back in the day at the clubs here in Atlanta

  2. had no time to reply, but, chris, do you need positiva re-release of the disco evangelists’ ‘de niro’ with two additional remixes (one early remix from 1993 was excluded though)?

    and thank you, as always)

  3. Good to see this posted djShelf – you may be interested to learn that Susan re-recorded the vocal’s for EMI/positiva in 1997 and the producer was Mathew Roberts (in place of Victor Imbres), Rob davis didn’t do any production, he wrote the lyrics. Why is this interesting? well Fragma used the 1996 Imbres/greenlight vocal – despite the contract only allowing use of the ’97 matt roberts produced vocal. Thus the April 10th 2000 mash-up remains an illegal bootleg despite 3 million sales…

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