The Mixtape Table

Brilliant design, fun furniture. Perfect for a DJ bachelor pad…

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A retro-inspired piece for those who remember the cassette tape, the Mixtape Table was designed by Jeff Skierka Designs (JSD).  The prototype table is an exact 12:1 scale replica of a cassette and is reversible, featuring both an A and a B side.

Currently, the one-of-a-kind piece is made of reclaimed maple, walnut, and lucite.  JSD expects future versions to be machined from a variety of high-grade plywoods and glass.

I love the look of the table and can think of at least one application where I would love to incorporate into a future project.  My only request to JSD… please keep the reclaimed wood and lucite!

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  1. “Perfect for a DJ bachelor pad… ”

    Or .. Perfect for someone who wishes to once again become a bachelor ;-) ….

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