The Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control

The Chemical Brothers
“Out Of Control”
1999 Virgin Records Ltd (JP)

01. Out Of Control (Radio Edit) 04:00
02. Power Move 04:11
03. Out Of Control (Sasha Remix) 07:20
04. Out Of Control (Sasha Club Mix) 11:02
05. Out Of Control (Sasha Instrumental) 13:22

INFO > Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons recruited indie dance elder statesman Bernard Sumner for vocals on “Out Of Control,” taken from The Chemical Brothers’ 1999 album, “Surrender.” The already great collaboration is made even better with some inspired knob-twiddling by Sasha.

Out Of Control
pw: djshelf 

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  1. classic! sasha’s remixes are epic

  2. every once in a while i dont have to think twice why you bought a certain single))) when i see sasha remixes, quivver remixes, blue amazon remixes, bedrock remixes, ramp remixes and so on – i know the reason))
    thank you chris for all the recent posts

  3. I’ve never been a high fan of Sasha…ok dont kick me out of the room Chris. LOL. However, his remixes on this CD are a reason why he has become so popular ! EXCELLENT
    THX Chris !

    • Ha ha! All opinions are quite welcome here, FP. For the record, I don’t think that everything Sasha touches turns to gold – I’m not even crazy about these mixes! However, Sasha’s DJ skills are unassailable – he really has revolutionized the art of mixing.

  4. any chance for the re up of this release ?


  5. yes, please re-upload this one if you can.

    thank you.

    • After I start blogging again (June 1 most likely), I’ll be addressing re-up requests as they come in. So hang tight for a couple of weeks. Thanks.

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