Satoshi Tomiie – Up In Flames


Satoshi Tomiie
“Up In Flames”
1999 C2 Records (US) / Sony Music Entertainment (UK)
44K 79308 / 007510 1

01. Up In Flames (Remix Edit) 03:09
02. Up In Flames (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) 08:28
03. Up In Flames (Morales Master Klub Mix) 07:28
04. Up In Flames (Bedrock 1) 10:08
05. Up In Flames (A Cappella 1) 04:04
06. Up In Flames (Morales Classic Dub) 07:39
07. Up In Flames (Bedrock Radio) 03:31
08. Up In Flames (Radio Edit) 04:01

INFO > Satoshi Tomiie’s debut single was 1989 house classic “Tears”, co-produced with Frankie Knuckles. Since then, Tomiie has been an in-demand DJ and producer, renowned for both his smooth spinning and studio skills. Featuring vocals by Kelli Ali, dark progressive track “Up In Flames” is taken from Tomiie’s 1999 album, “Full Lick.” After a lengthy hiatus spent building a music studio in his New York apartment, Tomiie is poised to make a welcome return in 2012.

UPDATE > Very special thanks to Andrei for sharing the UK promo CD; the three unique tracks from that release have been appended. Note that the ‘Remix Edit’ (3:09) corresponds to Tomiie’s remix and is unique to the US CD, while the ‘Radio Edit’ (4:01, alternately ‘The Radio’ on commercial releases) is an edit of the album version.

Up In Flames
pw: djshelf 

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  1. It’s a shame that the ‘Bedrock 2’ remix was published only on vinyl. I find this version better, as it doesn’t contain Kelli Ali’s vocal, which I don’t like in this exact tune. Anyway, ‘Bedrock 2’ also known as ‘Bedrock Dub’ is one of my favourite Digweed & Muir remixes up to date.

    • Yes, even the promo CD includes the vocal mix. So many great tracks are vinyl only, which is unfortunate for us digital purists :-(

      • also the radio edit here (your cd) is 3:09 long. it is edited version (without, like you said, lame fade), while the “radio edit” on the promo cd is 3:59 (as indicated here on your scan) with fade out. bedrock radio edit is with fade as well. i guess the only good i get from the promo cd is morales dub, so i’ve included it as track 6 to your rip :-)

        • Hey Andrei – could I trouble you to share that promo CD? Interesting that the US single has a different radio edit than the UK release.

  2. Fried Pickle

    GREAT CD. thanks for the add

  3. would you please re-upload this!!! big thanks!!

  4. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!

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