Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice (2003)

Yoko Ono
“Walking On Thin Ice”
2003 Twisted America Records (US)

01. Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Radio Mix)
02. Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tenaglia Walked Across The Lake)
03. Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)
04. Walking On Thin Ice (Felix Da Housecat’s Tribute Mix)
05. Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Extended Dance Mix)
06. Walking On Thin Ice (Rui Da Silva’s Kismet Mix)
07. Walking On Thin Ice (Peter Rauhofer Electro Mix)
08. Walking On Thin Ice (Orange Factory Radio Mix)
09. Walking On Thin Ice (FKEK Vocal Mix)
10. Walking On Thin Ice (Peter Rauhofer Chill Mix)

INFO > The 1981 chart and club success of arty dance tune “Walking On Thin Ice” was bittersweet for Yoko Ono as John Lennon was murdered after the track’s recording session on 8 December 1980. As part of a series of remixed single reissues, “Walking On Thin Ice” was reworked in 2003 by a legion of contemporary dance producers: Pet Shop Boys, Danny Tenaglia, Peter Rauhofer, Felix Da Housecat, Rui Da Silva, François Kevorkian & Eric Kupper, and Orange Factory.

Walking On Thin Ice
pw: djshelf 

Posted on May 2, 2012, in Danny Tenaglia, Felix Da Housecat, François Kevorkian, Pet Shop Boys, Peter Rauhofer, Yoko Ono. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Roping in almost the who’s who in the world of remix for this. Let’s see who did the best out of the lot.
    Thanks Chris!

  2. Fried Pickle

    My vote ever since I heard this song, has to go to the “2 queens and a drum machine” the Pet Shop Boys

  3. You know Twisted has gone to shit when PSB have been signed.

    • Hold on a minute there, Al – them’s fightin’ words! Pet Shop Boys are in the Premiere League, buddy. And they only remixed this one single for Twisted. Yoko Ono, on the other hand…

      • I thought that would get you going…I respect both, but together…it’s like mixing water-colours with oil-based paints – runs in all directions!

        Oh no, don’t get me started on Yoko…

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