Various Artists – Voices In The Air

Various Artists
“Voices In The Air”
1993 Wave Station Records (AU)
CD WS 1939

01. Abecedarians – Smiling Monarchs
02. The Hit Men – Bates Motel
03. B-Movie – Nowhere Girl (Version)
04. +1 – Nevermore (Completely Different Dancecut)
05. Cetu Javu – Help Me Now!
06. Counterfeit – The Good Samaritan
07. Secession – Sneakyville
08. Hard Corps – Lucky Charm (Extended Club Mix)
09. Ken Heaven – The Calling (Full Length Vocal Version)
10. Celebrate The Nun – Patience (Radio Version)
11. Secession – The Magician
12. Cetu Javu – Don’t Leave Me (7″ Edit)
13. Hubert Kah – Military Drums (7″ Version)
14. Celebrate The Nun – You Make Me Wonder (Radio Edit)

INFO > This collection of mostly obscure synthpop is an interesting enigma—it’s a professionally manufactured CD yet there’s no info to be found online about Wave Station Records (going by Discogs, this is the label’s only release). That mystery aside, there are plenty of hard-to-find tunes here, both extended versions and edits, almost all out-of-print, and some are digitally exclusive to this release.


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  1. Where did you manage to find this???

  2. I have enjoyed this album alot. thx

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