Gus Gus – Purple

Gus Gus
1997 Warner Bros. Records (US) / 1998 4AD (UK)
PRO-A-9355-A / GUS 12

01. Purple (Midnight In Reykjavik) 09:53
02. Purple (Album Version) 08:01
03. Purple (Sasha V The Light) 09:54

INFO > Formed in 1995, Iceland’s Gus Gus is a fascinating artist collective dabbling in multiple media forms, music being the most prominent. Trance instrumental “Purple” is the closing track of the group’s second LP, “Polydistortion”, and includes vocal samples from Marina Van Rooy’s 1990 single, “Sly One.” Remixes by Sasha, solo and in collaboration with The Light, were issued separately on US and UK promotional 12″ singles.

pw: djshelf

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  1. classic… heard it for the first time at oakenfold’s ‘tranceport’ mixed compilation (sasha v light mix)

    • I thought the original was awesome when I first heard it on Sasha & Digweed’s second “Northern Exposure” compilation, but the Sasha remixes take it up a notch. “Tranceport” is still a good mix by Oakey.

  2. I have original wav ( not vinyl rip ) of the Sasha Mix if anyones interested ?

    • Thanks for throwing that out there, PG. My now-deleted file was sourced from three different CDs – I’ll re-post when I’m back up and running again.

  3. Please re-up this! Your blog is fantastic!

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