Lexie (1997 – 2012)

My wife’s family often included a Dachshund or two while she was growing up, first in the UK, and then here in the US. First there was Cindy, then Honey and Cuddles, and also Razz. Dogs were absent from the house for many years until my mother-in-law welcomed a new addition in 1997. A short hair, red brown female, Lexie was a mischievous and playful puppy, and a bit of a hyper adult. Although not especially friendly to other dogs, she was always warm to people.

Basil, Max & Lexie

Lexie had two litters of six puppies, all of whom found good homes. Of course, my wife and I were all too happy to take in a puppy from each litter, with Max joining us in 1999, and then Basil (named after Basil Fawlty) following in 2001. They may be the most spoiled dogs in the world… and the most wienerful.

Around 10 years of age, Lexie experienced serious back problems, to which the breed is highly prone. She temporarily lost the use of her back legs, but with plenty of rest, she recovered. She became less active in later years, and suffered hearing loss, but was ever a vigilant guard dog, keeping watch at windows and the front door.

Lexie often came to stay with us when my mother-in-law went away on vacation—we said she was ‘coming to the spa’, as we groomed and pampered her during her time spent. She also came in handy during cold winters—we had many a three dog night!

Sadly, Lexie passed away on Sunday April 1. A loyal companion for 15 years, she will be dearly missed.

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  1. sad to hear that. it’s painful to lose a friend. sending my best thoughts to you and your family – and lexie, wherever she is now.
    regards from brazil.

  2. My Dachshund (Otto) turns 15 next month. Even with all his heart meds, antibiotics, and thyroid meds, he still gets around great. I cant imagine what it wil be like when I lose him. My thoughts and prayers to you in this difficult time.

  3. sad to hear that! About 3 years ago I lost Eika, my Siberian Husky Companion for almost 15 years. It is painful even today but I cherish the memories I have and she will live in my heart forever. Sending you my thoughts and I hope that you too will remember many of the great moments you guy’s shared!

  4. sorry to hear that brother

  5. As a huge dog lover myself my wishes go to to you and your family at this sad time …

  6. a tough moment…

    my thoughts to you

  7. So sorry to hear about Lexie! It is so hard to lose a loved one. Thinking of you.

  8. Sorry to hear about Lexie. Mhy wife’s family also have dackels and lost their last one to back problems (ended up paralysed).

  9. So happy to hear from all the animal-friendly folks out there – your stories and words of compassion mean a lot. Thanks everyone.

  10. Hi Chris!
    I’ve been away for ages it seems eh?
    Just checked in on your site with lots of catching up to do, but this sad news is the first to catch my attention. I’msorry to hear of your family’s loss, and I know how folks in your part of the world treasure their pets like any family member.
    Used to have a dog, Blackie when I was a child, but when we moved to the new apartment, we were forced to give Blackie away because pets were not allowed. I was quite distraught so I can imagine the pain and sorrow.
    But seems like Lexie has been loved and pampered by all around her, so we should just focus and celebrate her joy that she’s brought!

    • Was wondering where you disappeared to – welcome back, Ric! And thanks for your kind thoughts about our Lexie – she truly was a member of the family. I try not to think about the short lifespan of dogs and just treasure the time we have with them. And I too would be heartbroken if we had to give up one of our fuzzy buddies – after Basil joined the family, our condo board informed us that we were only allowed one dog in the unit and that we’d be fined $100 a day if we didn’t remove one of them. So we moved.

      Well, it’s great to hear from you again – don’t be a stranger.

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