Various Artists – Decoded And Danced Up Rhythms Of Deconstruction

Various Artists
“Decoded And Danced Up Rhythms Of Deconstruction”
1990 Deconstruction Records (UK)
PD 74855

01. Black Box – Fantasy (Remixed)
02. Criminal Element Orchestra – Everybody (Ultimate State Mix)
03. Creation – Give It Up (7″ Edit)
04. N-Joi – Anthem (The Original Mix)
05. Eden’s Paradise – The Dance [Revisited] (Musto & Bones Remix)
06. Ben Chapman – Amor
07. Coloursound – Talk to Me (Original Mix)
08. Guru Josh – Freaky Dreamer (7″ Edit)
09. Marina Van-Rooy – Sly One (Melbourne Mix)
10. Vandal – Amazing Grace
11. Liasons D – Future F.J.P.
12. Guru Josh – Warehouse Requiem


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  1. Now this is a fantastic album !!! Been after this one myself for a while .. Cheers for the share …

  2. martymartymarty

    Grrreat!!! [t][h][a][n][k][s] so much this!

  3. ANY possibility of a re-up? Been trying to find a digital copy of this one for years…

    • I’m afraid not – MediaFire sent me a DMCA warning regarding the file, which is moderately alarming. Methinks the end is nigh…

      • You’ll find that a lot with deconstruction stuff … Same happens with soundcloud .. Wouldn’t worry about it , they just have software that snoops out certain releases at the request of labels …

  4. Anyone care to share this outside of the blog? Hit me at u p d j 1 @ h o t m a i l . c o m please. Only download I am missing from entire blog. My life isn’t complete:-)

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