Happy Mondays – Step On

Happy Mondays
“Step On”
1991 Factory Communications Ltd (UK)
FACD 272 / FAC 272-7

01. Step On (Stuff It In Mix) 05:53
02. Step On (One Louder Mix) 06:14
03. Step On (Twistin My Melon Mix) 5:55
04. Step On (Stuff It In Mix Edit) 04:18
05. Step On (One Louder Mix Edit) 04:23
06. Step On (US Dub It In Mix) 04:41

FACT > Last week, I posted the ’91 reissue of “Step On.” Here’s the original 1990 single (12″ and 7″) featuring Oakenfold & Osborne’s brilliantly baggy mixes. Included as a bonus is the ‘US Dub It In Mix’ from Elektra US 12″ 0-66624. Special thanks to Andrei for sharing tracks 5 and 6.


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