Happy Mondays – Step On (US Mix)

Happy Mondays
“Step On”
1991 Factory Communications Ltd/London Records (UK)
869 413-2

01. Step On (US Mix/Remix ’91) 04:25
02. Step On (US Dub Mix) 05:54
03. Loose Fix (Remixed By The Grid) 08:03
04. Hallelujah (Oakenfold Remix Edit) 03:47

FACT > This cover of John Kongos’ 1971 single “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” was a massive hit for the Mondays in 1990. The tune was remixed and reissued the following year; this CD single includes three digital exclusives: Oakenfold & Osborne’s dub; The Grid’s rework of “Loose Fit”; and the edited ‘Club Mix’ of “Hallelujah.”

UPDATE > With the help of blog regular Andrei, it was discovered that there are two variations of this single with the same catalog code: (1) a numbered, limited edition pressing of 3,000 that includes the ‘One Louder Mix Edit’ and the ‘US Dub It In Mix’ (from the 1990 Elektra US 12″); and (2) an unnumbered version (as posted here) that properly features Steve Osborne’s ‘US Mix’ and the ‘US Dub Mix.’ Refer to this post for the digital exclusive tracks from the limited edition CD.


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  1. i really dont know if i’m right about this but 5:54 is not US Dub mix, it’s Twistin my melon mix. as the US Mix here is actually 1991 Remix. i have US Mix, it sounds a bit different and US Dub is 4:42
    i have this

    • Hey Andrei. I’m a bit confused, as I posted the same release as the link you sent. I always assumed that the ‘US Mix’ and the ‘1991 Remix’ were the same. And the ‘Twistin’ My Melon’ mix has vocals – the dub on this CD is basically an instrumental version of that mix. Any chance you can rip the CD that you have so I can compare the tracks?

      • like i said, i am really not sure about this. here are tracks 1 and 2 (3 and 4 are identical to yours)

        yes, “your” Dub mix is basically an instrumental of Twistin my melon mix. my bad))
        i think the main track (in my upload) can be an edited version of the album track. please tell me what you think about all those version, i mean what is correct

        • Okay, I’ve been doing quite a bit of trainspotting this evening. First off, may I assume that your CD is one of the numbered, limited edition of 3,000? This is relevant because my copy is NOT numbered. Here’s what I’ve deduced – track 1 on your pressing is actually the ‘One Louder Mix Edit’ from the 1990 Factory UK 7″ single; I compared the two versions and the production is the same. Track 2 on your CD is actually the ‘US Dub It In Mix’ from the 1990 Electra US 12″ single. My thinking is that after London was apprised of this production error, unnumbered copies were properly pressed with the ‘US Mix’ (aka ‘Remix ’91’). But interestingly, the ‘US Dub Mix’ included on the unnumbered 1991 UK CD (and 12″) doesn’t appear to have been released in the US (although it may be the instrumental mix on the 1991 US cassette single). It should have been titled the ‘Dubbin My Melon Mix’ as it’s an instrumental version of the ‘Twistin My Melon Mix’.

          This has been quite a revelation – I’ll be reposting an updated and expanded version of the single shortly. Thank you Andrei!!

          • ok, thanks! check your e-mail ))

            i’m an 90’s kid (late 90s) in music sense. first time i ever saw Shaun Ryder was actually his big head in that Gorillaz video))) first Happy Mondays song i ever heard was Playground Superstar. Pills n’ Thrills – i never knew of this album until 2010 !!! the sound is intoxicating

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