David Sylvian – GodMan


David Sylvian
1999 Venture/Virgin Records Ltd (UK)

01. GodMan (Album Version)
02. Shadowland
03. GodMan (Wagon Christ Mix)
04. Shadowland (Northfield)
05. GodMan (Guy Sigsworth Remix)

INFO > Today sees the release of “A Victim Of Stars”, a career-spanning retrospective of David Sylvian’s post-Japan solo work. The chronologically arranged collection includes material from Sylvian’s years with Virgin, as well as more recent releases from his Samadhisound imprint. Though far from comprehensive, the compilation does include most of Sylvian’s singles. Here’s one that didn’t make the cut: 1999’s “GodMan” EP features remixes by Luke Vibert and Guy Sigsworth, as well as an illuminating short film, “Time Spent”, made by Sylvian and his then-wife, Ingrid Chavez.

TIME SPENT (QuickTime)

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  1. One of the best tracks he recorded in that era. He was becoming increasingly pained by Virgin to release more stuff, which seemed to just make him release less. The WagonChrist mix is especially good. And Shadowland is just gorgeous!

    • Yes, despite the freedom that Virgin allowed him, Sylvian was probably counting the days until that contract ended. He’s one of my all-time favorite artists, but I find it difficult to appreciate his work from the past decade – too dissonant and experimental. I’m all for an artist evolving and trying new things, but he’s really pushed the envelope with his Samadhisound releases. But the Virgin-era material is brilliant.

      • yeah, i agree. i like the remixed Blemish album though. and you’ve got to admit the Nine Horses’ album is really really good.

        on his other solo releases from the past decade he’s being more of a poet than a singer. i mean, this is how i feel it. i can bravely sing along to “I surrender”, but not to, say, “Blemish”

  2. i bought Everything and Nothing compilation in 2002 (or 2003), never heard Sylvian before – just read somewhere he’s one of a kind – the 2 cds pack was quite cheap, so i never thought twice. and i guess it was a way to start – i was fascinated immediately by his voice!

    Shelf, if you need Tweaker’s EP “Linoleum” or, say, his collaboration with Sakamoto “Zero Landmine (Vocal Piano Version)” – i’ll upload :)

    • That voice is mesmerizing. “Everything And Nothing” is a decent starting point, but the new compilation is a bit more conventional for a new fan.

      I do have both of those EPs – thanks, Andrei!

  3. im always open to being introduced to new artists that I have never been exposed. I had a difficult time warming up to this material. Maybe it was a bit too dark or experimental. The one shining moment on this EP was GodMan (Guy Sigsworth Remix)
    As always , thanks for the post .

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