Colein – Spreading The Light

“Spreading The Light”
1998 SPV GmbH (DE)
SPV 055-16273

01. Spreading The Light (Ramp Vocal Mix) 06:46
02. Spreading The Light (Ramp Radio Edit) 03:48
03. Spreading The Light (Slacker Remix) 07:26
04. Spreading The Light (Original Version) 05:59

INFO > For a decade between 1985 and 1995, session singer Linda Duggan sang mostly backing vocals on various projects before shifting to the foreground as Colein. “Spreading The Light” is taken from the “Ten A Penny Singer” EP released by More Protein in 1996; this German CD single features remixes from the 1997 UK 12″ (PROTR 121). By the way, this is the only single to feature both a Ramp mix and a Slacker mix by Shem McCauley and Simon Rogers (by 1997, the respective productions had become stylistically similar).


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  1. martymartymarty

    This is fantastic!!!! If you’re starting a More Protein series, you’re going to make me one big happy camper! =)

    • Alas, I wish I had more material from George’s label to share. Have to see if I can scare up copies of those “Closet Classics” compilations.

      • martymartymarty

        Let me know which Eve Gallagher and More Protein CD singles you especially hanker for, I have rips of almost all of Eve’s discography and several of the MP releases from my own collection, I would happily send them to you if I have them. =)

  2. Another reminder of what a great producer Shem McCauley was.

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