Various Artists – DJ Culture (Mixed)

Various Artists
“DJ Culture”
1995 Stress Records (UK)

Disc One – In The Mix With Dave Seaman
01. Sunday Club – Paladian Dawn
02. Reefa! – Inner Fantasy (Incensed Mix)
03. Balouga Boys – Everlasting Gobstopper (Blue Amazon Remix)
04. Tabasco – Fixed & Addicted (Dub Mix)
05. Chris & James – Fox Force Five (Big C’s Break Of Dawn Mix)
06. Claudio Coccoluto – One Love Mix
07. Desert – Moods (Club Mix)
08. Daphne – Change (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
09. Coyote – For The Night
10. Route 66 – Revolution (Pappa And Gomez Mix)
11. Chris & James – Ying & Yang
12. Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (Brothers In Rhythm)

Disc Two – In The Mix With Allister Whitehead
01. Kathy Brown – Can’t Play Around (Big Bump Mix)
02. Daphne – Change (Fathers Of Sound Classic Vocal Mix)
03. Anthony White – Love Me Tonight (Jimmy Gomez Mix)
04. Gerideau – Back To Love (Association Remix)
05. Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out (Hardcorey Pump Mix)
06. Joy For Life – Warm It Up (Dub Mix)
07. Full Intention – Tell Me (Vocal Mix)
08. Full Intention – I Miss You
09. Brothers Love Dubs – Ming’s Incredible Disco Machine
10. Hustlers Convention – Get Yourself Together (Disco Groovathon)
11. Rusty – Everything’s Gonna Change (Sasha’s Vocal Mix)
12. Brothers In Rhythm – Forever And A Day (Play Boys Mix)
13. Brothers Love Dubs – Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix)

Disc Three – In The Mix With Nick Warren
01. Desert – Moods (Club Mix)
02. Alex Neri – Planet Funk (Chris & James Remix)
03. Tabasco – Fixed & Addicted
04. Dubstar – Stars (Way Out West Remix)
05. Markus Schulz – Engine No. 9
06. Alex Natale – Angel Pie
07. Chris & James – Calm Down (King Size Remix)
08. Sunday Club – Achive Nova
09. Anthony White – Love Me Tonight (Way Out West Remix)
10. Reefa! – Decadance (Scope Remix)
11. Kamasutra – Censored (Way Out West Remix)
12. Route 66 – Revolution (Nick Hook’s Wobbly Dub Mix)

INFO > Blended by the cream of the DJ elite, this treble disc collection should leave you thoroughly Stressed out ;-)


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  1. Such a great 3 CD DJ Set feat. my favoirte DJ’s Seaman and Warren.

    …wondering myself if there’s also a possibility to get this great set in FLAC (LOSSLESS) to download, that would be really great!

  2. The Alistair Whitehead mix is great!

    I always thought his blending was smooth, much like Graeme Park too.

  3. that’s mad, i was only just looking at this on discogs yesterday and thinking ‘that looks great, i wonder if i’d be able to get that on the net?’, open up m.o.d. this morning and lo and behold here it is!! sweet sweet post shelf, really looking forward to this, many thanx as always.

  4. F**kin awesome, you have no idea how long I’ve been looking for DJ Culture Disc 1 mix by Dave Seaman. It was released as another name though, I think it was called House Training and had a yellow cover with a little dog picture. LOL

    Paladian Dawn mix is such a great tune, along with the rest of the mix, but that was my favourite tune.

    Anyways this is hands down the best mix from the 90’s in my opinion, and I’m so glad I found it again.

    Thanks again!!!!

    Haunted Pig

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