Various Artists – Remix Culture

Various Artists
“Remix Culture”
1994 Stress Records (UK)

01. Balouga Boys – Hip Hop (Balougaloo Mix)
02. Joy For Life – The Riffmeister
03. Route 66 – Revolution (Reefa! Remix)
04. Anthony White – Love Me Tonight (Extended Club Mix)
05. Riviera Splash – I Love Paris (Pigalle Club Mix)
06. Coyote – Troy (Clova Mix)
07. Xelcia – Workbaby! (Tin Tin Out Remix)
08. Chris & James – Calm Down (Original Club Mix)
09. Johnny Vicious Meets Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out
10. Hustlers Convention – Just Can’t Give It Up (Uptown Mix)

INFO > The final installment in Stress’ ‘Culture’ trilogy offers more full-length classic tracks and rare remixes.


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  1. I’ve been looking for this comp for YEARS!! Thank you!!!

  2. Yet another wicked post from you Shelf! The Anthony White track was an amazing highlight from my local club scene. Still gets the goosebumps going and kicks ‘Lola’ to the hapenny place! Also loved Calm Down, the rest will be a treat to hear on my next long drive. Thanks!

  3. Still got it on Dbl 12” Vinyl. Fav = Joy For Life – The Riffmeister!!!

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