Black Girl Rock – The Theme

Black Girl Rock
“The Theme”
1993 Devotion Dance (UK)

01. The Theme (Pete Lorimer 7″ Mix) 03:47
02. The Theme (D:ream Mix) 06:27
03. The Theme (Pete Lorimer 12″ Mix) 06:44
04. The Theme (BGR Mix) 06:16
05. The Theme (BGR Instrumental) 06:14
06. The Theme (Pete Lorimer 7″ Instrumental) 03:49
07. Can A Black Girl Rock? 03:58

INFO > Black Girl Rock was a one-off project of Jamie Petrie and Tim O’Riordan. The former wrote and sang backing vocals on D:ream’s hit single, “Things Can Only Get Better”; subsequently, the D:ream team produced and remixed “The Theme” in collaboration with Pete Lorimer.


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  1. Wow, thanks for the post. I’m so excited to add this to my collection.

  2. I remember this well at the time what with D:ream having their own success too.

    Thanks Shelf!

    • Many of D:ream’s remixes are better than their own material. Those were the days… thanks Mark :-)

      • Yeah, you nailed it DJ Shelf, their songs had certain substance lyrically (with top-notch production too) but it was the remixes of their singles that really put their sound in a whole new ball game. A good marriage all round. It just goes to show you can’t polish a turd! Anyway…all ready DL’ing this with anticipation! Thx MOD!

  3. have you got the lyrics to this tune anyone? please?

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