Various Artists – DJ Culture

Various Artists
“DJ Culture”
1993 Stress Records (UK)

01. Kathy Brown – Can’t Play Around (The Big Bump Mix)
02. Brother Love Dubs – The Mighty Ming (BIR Club Mix)
03. Bedrock – For What You Dream Of (Instrumental Edit)
04. Creative Thieves – Nasty Rhythm (Sasha’s M.F.I. Mix)
05. Voices Of 6th Avenue – Call Him Up (Slam Mix)
06. All Boxed In – …Happen (Tolley’s Stressed Mix)
07. Mindwarp – One (SSL Full Mix)
08. Reefa! – You Can’t Stop The Groove (Mensa Mix)
09. Hustlers Convention – Give It All To Me (Level Best Mix)
10. PKA – Let Me Hear You Say Yeah (Phil Kelsey’s ’93 Remix)
11. Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Sure Is Pure Remix)

INFO > Founded by the esteemed DMC Remix Service, Stress Records served throughout the 1990s as an outlet for the creative talents of many exceptional and legendary DJs and producers. This unmixed compilation highlights the label’s key singles released between 1990 and 1993.


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  1. A great label, when they weren’t delving into too much Prog! I’m gonna grab me a copy jusy coz’ “All Boxed In – …Happen” is on it! Thx MOD!

  2. Unmixed!?! You just made me a very happy boy…. Thank you!

  3. Reefa! is Chad Jackson….Wicked!!!! Heavily samples Coco Stell & Lovebomb’s track of the same name a year earlier on Warp.

  4. Nothing but high quality house from Stress…

  5. “Happen” is the one for me too.
    Bought the mixed version in November ’93, shortly after arriving in London, featuring a mix by Sasha and one by Dave Seaman.
    At the time, I had never heard mixes begin with such drama. It took us a while to get into the style, but after a couple of weeks there was no denying the quality of the musical arrangement, and, if you found yourself walking down the road towards the pub we stayed at in Angel, you were guaranteed to hear it thumping out from a long way off.
    There were a couple of additional tracks on it: one by Juice called “Do it Right”, and a real stormer by Lost Tribe of The Lost Minds called “Musika”. Anyone got those?

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