Paul van Dyk – Beautiful Place

Paul van Dyk
“Beautiful Place”
1996 Deviant Records (UK)

01. Beautiful Place (Airwaves Mix)
02. Beautiful Place (Alt. Radio Mix)
03. Beautiful Place (Paradise Mix)
04. Beautiful Place (Just Beautiful)
05. Beautiful Place (Sundae 6am)
06. Beautiful Place (Salt Tank Remix)

INFO > “Beautiful Place” was the first single taken from Paul’s second album, “Seven Ways.” This UK issue includes two versions not found on the original German release: ‘Sundae 6am’ and a remix by Salt Tank.

Trivia > I peed next to Paul van Dyk at Twilo in NYC (we were using adjacent urinals—seems like a really nice guy).


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  1. Hi, love this site. any chance you might have MINISTRY – Live, Rare & Remixed 82-83. I’m looking for remixes from the first Ministry album (before he went mental). Thanks.

    • That compilation doesn’t appear to be an official release. I never was a Ministry fan, but you’re right – the early stuff was much better than the noise that Al produced later.

  2. what a claim to fame, Chris!
    standing next to a superstar DJ with certain bits exposed! LOL!

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