The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds

The Orb
“Little Fluffy Clouds”
1991 Big Life/Mercury Records (US)
865 139-2

01. Little Fluffy Clouds (Seven Inch Mk I) 04:04
02. Little Fluffy Clouds (Inner Master Mix) 03:57
03. Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulonimbus Mix) 06:11
04. Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance Mk II) 08:25
05. Little Fluffy Clouds (Heavyweight Dub) 06:30
06. Outlands (Fountain Of Elisha Mix) 08:05

INFO > In 1988, former Killing Joke roadie Alex Patterson and artist/musician Jimmy Cauty formed The Orb. As DJs in the chill out room at Paul Oakenfold’s Land Of Oz club night, the duo pioneered the ambient house genre, which favors relaxing atmosphere over pounding percussion. The two parted ways in 1990; Cauty focused on his other project, The KLF, while Patterson continued The Orb with Killing Joke bassist Martin Glover (aka Youth). Initially released in 1990, “Little Fluffy Clouds” is a genre defying classic, featuring samples from an interview with Rickie Lee Jones, as well as elements lifted from Steve Reich’s “Electric Counterpoint.” This 1991 US CD single includes mixes by Coldcut and Pal Joey, along with a remix of “Outlands” by Thomas Fehlmann, who would go on to be a longtime member of The Orb.

Little Fluffy Clouds

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  1. ‘a genre defying classic’…… nicely put my friend, for that is exactly what this is, nuff said. this ep is made extra special by the remix of outlands, thomas fehlmann really did an amazing job on this, turning an ambient masterpiece into a dubbed out housey wonder that is equally as good as the original if not better. another brilliant post shelf, muchas gracias mate.

  2. Hi, please can you re-up this Orb single?
    Thanks Claudio

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